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Amazon is deprecating AMTU. We're building a replacement.

Amazon is deprecating AMTU at the end of 2022. Amazon hardly announced this deprecation – AMTU users who use the GUI version of the tool were alerted via a pop-up, but the many users of AMTU who run it as a service didn't receive any notice at all. The deprecation is a result of MWS, Amazon's old seller-centric API, being fully disabled for public developers on December 31st, 2022. MWS is the underlying service that powers AMTU, and Amazon has decided not to update AMTU to work with their newer Selling Partner API, which is replacing MWS.

Many tools have been built to interact with feed and report files in specific directories on users' computers with AMTU in mind, so AMTU's disappearance will be a serious problem for a lot of Sellers. At Highside Labs, we're building a replacement to AMTU which will offer the same functionality, plus some new features that AMTU didn't support. Here's our roadmap (in chronological order):

  • Folder-based feed uploads and feed result document downloads (for all feed types)
  • Folder-based report downloads (for all report types)
  • Support for multiple sets of Seller credentials for a single user
  • Multi-region support (EU, FE, NA)
  • Scheduled report generation (for report types that Amazon allows to be scheduled)
  • And more!

At inital launch, our product will closely mimic AMTU. Our goal is to get Sellers who are affected by AMTU's deprecation back up and running as quickly as possible. Launch price is $70 per seller, per region, per month – so the maximum price for a single seller account is $210/mo (if you sell in all 3 regions).

We know what we're doing when it comes to the Selling Partner API – one of our founders literally wrote the SDK, and we work with the SP API in our everyday work – so we have what it takes to put together a good AMTU replacement quickly.

If you're interested in getting access to our AMTU replacement tool, sign up for our email list below, or shoot us an email at hi@highsidelabs.co. We'll make sure you know when we launch.

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