Jesse Evers

Founder of Highside Labs

Jesse Evers is the founder of Highside Labs. He got his start in the e-commerce API world when he got thrown head-first into Amazon's (then brand-new) Selling Partner API as part of a client project. He ended up writing an SDK for it, and things snowballed from there.

He has since expanded into all different e-commerce API work, from integration strategy consulting for various platforms, to writing custom integrations himself, to building products to help other e-commerce API developers.


Chris West

Software Engineer

Chris West is responsible for writing the majority of the code for Highside Labs. He specializes in back end application development, but also enjoys the visual design aspect of front end projects. Jesse introduced him to the world of e-commerce APIs, and Chris has since built API integrations with Amazon and Walmart.

Chris received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Yale.